WooCommerce: How to set Per Product discounts.

This is a guide to help you set trade discounts using the Dynamic Discount plugin. There are 2 types of trade discounts Category based, and per Product.

Category Discounts

Step 1: Go to Dynamic Pricing in the woo commerce menu.

Step 2: Click on Category tab. Enable the category using the switch on the left, then set the percentage.

Click on Category tab
enable the category and set the percentage discount

Per Product Discount

Step 1: Go to a product

Step 2: Click on the dynamic pricing tab, as seen below

Step 3: Click ‘Add Pricing Group’

Step 4: Enter 0 in the minimum amount, * in the maximum amount then select percentage and then enter the percentage amount , as seen below

Don’t forget to click update, or the changes wont be saved !

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