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on Project Written by Sirwan Qutbi.

Download 'This' theme for Ghost. Used here on this blog.

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A simple, sensible and non-obtrusive layout. No extensive spacing, annoying design elements or non-contextual images. 'This' theme puts text back in the visual hierarchy.

  • Responsive to mobile and tablets.
  • Well documented & easily modifiable.
  • Lightweight and blazing fast rendering.
  • Optional: Github activity calendar.
  • Opensource: Use it and contribute to improve it.

Why I made 'This' theme

Most themes use over exaggerated padding and margin spaces as a design statement. I also find a lot of themes have dominant visual features that distract whilst navigating and searching. My biggest gripe with modern blog themes however is the monotony of being forced to read the most recent post which is typically posted at the top of the homepage, and sometimes with the full content or a very large excerpt. This theme addresses these issues by having a contextual visual hierarchy. Despite it's refined retro and nostalgic geocities/bulletin board look of ancient times, its very sensible and compact.

This theme was made to tackle the dominance of image heavy blog themes and provide an alternative option.

Installation notes

Download the theme from this link. Once downloaded, unzip the file. Copy this folder into your content/themes folder. Visit the admin panel on http://domain.com/admin and go to the General settings page and select 'This' in the theme drop down box.

Be sure to add a navigation label with All Posts, Projects and Subscribe for the font-awesome icons to be applied from style.css stylesheet.