- task / issue management app

Written by Sirwan Qutbi.

Grid to is a smart task/issue management app inspired by my own use case scenarios.

It fits the model of current 'devops' but adds the missing ingredients in most task managers.

Task management apps are notoriously complicated and even if they're marketed as having a 'simple user interface' they really don't and are typically inspired by old software development practices the are very opinionated.

A use case scenario would be to throttle the amount of tasks allocated to an individual and to view the work load of each member.

A que of outstanding tasks would be visible across the company/department and grid can load balance tasks by suggesting team members or department

The interface will be based on kanboards such as that of jira. But far less complicated with the aesthetics focused on grids suggestions. Keeping it as minimal as possible where individuals can use it and can scale.

currently coding this offline.